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And he’s very tired and very glad to go on this journey. The carriage, sir. Oh, yes. The carriage. You’ll come with me, won’t you, Fyodor? You’ll make sure that I reach the the end of the journey as quickly as possible because I am rather tired. Crowd Shouting What’s that noise? There’s a rumor spreading Your Majesty has been killed. Shouting Continues Open the windows. Shouting Continues Crowd Catherine! Catherine! Catherine! I’ll show myself to them. Cheering Well done, little Catherine. Good-bye. Cheering Continues Cheering Continues Whispering He’s dead. Fyodor has killed him. Somebody must tell the empress. But who? Grigory, you must tell her. Oh. This is the happiest day of my life. And I always believed nobody cared for me. And suddenly I am loved. I am loved by so many! Oh! I must try hard not to cry. We will work tomorrow, gentlemen. Happiness has made me tired. I need a little rest. Good-bye, good-bye, Talitzyn. I know what I owe you. Good-bye. Bariatinsky. I’ll show you how grateful I can be. Good-bye, dear. Karnilov, dear. Crowd Cheers One part of my life belongs to you. I won’t forget it. Kiss me. Cheering Oh, Grigory. Oh, Grigory. What has happened? Band. ; Festive jealous? So soon? What is it? Your Majesty, the czar No. No. That isn’t true. That isn’t true. Grigory. Peter. Peter. Who was it? I swear to you I knew nothing about it. Who killed him? Who was it? Who killed him? Who spoiled my victory? Who made me a murderess? I told you not to touch a hair of his head. I ordered it! I commanded it! Your Majesty I want to know who it was! I’ll punish all of you if you don’t show me the one! Get out! Get out of here! I don’t want to see any of you again! Chorus Singing Oh, that poor unhappy, miserable child. Everything has its price, Your Majesty. And the crown has the highest price of all. I didn’t want it at that price. Russia wanted you at any price.