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Guys guys, we got company! Oh crap! Come on, let’s go. Faster, faster! Hang on! Lose him man! Lose him! Put some lead into it! This thing can’t go any faster! Oh God Chris, when you last time you got a tune-up? Will, get us out of here! Now! Hang on, hang on. Chris, look out! Thanks. Now we’re even. Sully! Oh Jesus Christ, they got Sullivan! That thing is still following us. Eyes on the road! What what…? The brakes are… What do you mean? What? Guys, get ready to jump. We gotta jump. What do you mean? We gotta jump, we gotta jump! We gotta jump… you ready? Jump! I’m sure not jumping… Wait? What? It’s cool guys. We got it. Don’t worry about it. One more crap you’ll stop. Mm hm. This is incredible. Ssh! You go where we go, or get left behind. I’m sorry. Don’t be sorry. Be smart. What are you doing? We’re bringing them back. He was already dead. There’s nothing you could do for him. Plus we don’t know how many more there are. We got to be smart. Guys, will you shut the hell up? Take that, ! Southard! Cabrera! Get back, get back, get back! You see anything? No, it’s clear. Come on. Let’s go. Where is your daughter, Chris? One block up. Well, let’s get you there. No no! Should we double back? No, into there! Go go! Come on. Go go go go go! Whoa whoa. Wait! Wait! Hide hide hide. Cover yourselves. Do you think it will come in here? I’m thinking yes. Hey Chris, what are we gonna do? We got to get rid of that thing. How? Doing… Come on! SCREW YOU Look out! Go, go find your daughter. Why exactly am I here? The Meteor Shower that’s been sweeping the world Nothing will live. We’re not sending you behind enemy lines. Sounds like sending me to hell. Wait wait wait. What about all those people? What about them? We have to get out of here. We going down there, we’re gonna save those people. Are you crazy? Southard! Cabrera! Get back! Get back! Get back! Mankind needs you. Who’s there? Who’s there? What are you doing? I’m getting out of here. Why? So, I can get you to safety. From this side? From them?