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Ben 10 Nascar 4 You go to that woman’s house, you’re never coming back here. I go where I want to go. Then pack up, Bert. All right, I will. Kids haven’t come home yet, huh? No, not yet. I don’t want you to tell them I said goodbye or anything like that. You can just say I know. I’ll take care of it. Okay, then I’ll leave it to you. Goodbye, Mildred. Go on, Bert. There’s nothing more to say. Just go on. One, two, three, hike! Pass it, pass it! Come on! Pass it! Kay, for goodness’ sake! What’s eating you? You’re coming home with me. I ain’t done nothing. You never let anybody have fun. Look at your clothes. Honest, Kay, you ought to take more pride in the way you look. You act like a peasant. Pretzels, what do I care? You’ll care someday, Miss Smarty! Wait till you get interested in boys. I got over that when I was . All right, I’ll try. Hello, Mom. Hello, darling. Good afternoon, Mother. Hello, darling. Who’s the cake for? Eddie Whitley. It’s his birthday. That goon. How was your lesson? I’m learning a new piece. Are you? “Valse Brilliante. ” That means “brilliant waltz. ” Does it really? I saw Father go out. Did you? Why don’t you play your new piece for me? I’d love to hear it. All right. When do we eat? Now you stop that or you’ll spoil your dinner. Look at your clothes. I know. I should have been a boy. Come on, bring me those dishes off the sink, will you, darling? Father had a suitcase with him. Did he? That’s a lovely piece, Veda. Where was he going? I don’t know. How long will he be gone? That’s hard to say. Don’t stop playing, darling. Is he coming back? Has he gone for good? Look, you might as well know it now. Your father and I have decided to separate. You mean, Dad’s not coming home anymore? Doesn’t he like us? It has nothing to do with you, honey. It just couldn’t be helped. We’ll have to get along by ourselves now. What did you and Father quarrel about? I can’t tell you now. Someday I will, but not now. If you mean Mrs. Biederhof, I must say my sympathy is all with you. She’s distinctly middle class. Please, Veda. It wasn’t Mrs. Biederhof.