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Ben 10 Ninja Spirit 2 Drink? Now that’s rather poetic. What’ll it be? Nothing. Not a drinkin’ man? No, not in an armored car. I think I like you. Why? Imagination. I like a man with imagination. You’re a good newspaperman, they say. You’re not bad at your trade either. You got two Pulitzer prizes, they say. Are they worth much? In cash, about $ a piece. Your kind of imagination is worth more. I agree. But you’re a hothead, they say. Who’s “they”? Friends. I got friends everywhere. I’d like for you to be my friend. I got a friend. Not like me. Is that a proposal or a proposition? What do you got against me? You’re not my type. You ever meet me before, do business with me? Well, maybe you got the wrong impression of me. What kind of an impression would you like me to have? My family reads the paper. It’s not nice, what you print. I got a nice family. Sometime I’d like for you to meet them. No point in that, unless they’re the ones that almost killed Burrows. Burrows? Never beat up a reporter, they say. It’s like killin’ a cop on duty, they say. Never drop girls in the river, clothed or unclothed, they say. What have I got to do with reporters, or girls? I’m in the cement and contractin’ business. Capone was in insurance. You got a sense of humor, friend. Then why don’t you laugh? Very funny. Tomorrow’s newspaper will be even funnier. Ah. That’s the Rienzi I like to see. This where you start shooting? What are you supposed to be, a little tin god? You gonna save the world? A hero or somethin’? There’s only one kind of martyr friend, dead ones. Show me a martyr, I’ll lay you to he winds up out of the money. My lawyer says I could sue you for this. Well? What you’re tryin’ to do has been tried before. Nobody could ever make it stick. In that case, you got nothing to worry about. Thanks for the lift. I can’t say I enjoyed it. Cops, tax collectors, politicians, citizens’ committees game They all got an angle. What’s yours? Name it. What do you want? My prizes are worth more than pulitzers. I know. I got a look at Sally’s fur coat. Wasn’t that Herman Schmidt just went in? Yeah.