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Clock alarm ringing Say Chief, we ought to be hearing from Acello any minute now. Door knocks Yeah? What do you want? Watch it, Chief. Beat it, beat it! That’s it boys, hold him, frisk him. Hey, what is this? I forgot to tell you. I’ve got a warrant for your arrest for murder. Tess .. are you alright? x Gunshots! Give me that. Take your dirty hands off me! Let me go! Here. Are you hurt? Darling, answer më. It’s alright. Get a car ready. Phone the hospital. We’ll be there in five minutes. Take your hands off me! Let me go! Let me go, you hear! This is Timothy Aloysius Higgins. The father of your children. What have you got for dinner? What? You’re coming home to dinner? Yeah, might as well. My other girl ditched me. No, ño. Not the redhead, the blond. Yeah, I think she’s going to get married. You know, in certain older civilized cultures… when men failed as entirely… as you have, they would throw themselves… on their swords. Well, unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sword. I would put that down right now, if I were you.