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Ben 10 Racing Day We’ve landed Guys, this isn’t Earth. You missed it This is Xanud What Xanud? The planet where I was born Me too Woah! You like it? I’ll be damned! Uncle Tolik, like we told you the planet Xanud costs almost nothing now A month of singing “Mama”, and the planet is ours Another month, and we can buy the air Everybody without air will come here They’ll be crawling on all fours and we’ll just spit on them What for? For fun Half the planet is yours, the other half is ours, deal? It’s tempting, of course But we need to return to Moscow. Let’s not waste time You shut up. We’re not talking to you Uncle Tolik, come here, buddy Look here. We are here. Earth is here Earth is in the Antitentura, buddy. There’s no way we can reach it How so? I’ve been unlucky all my life Did you learn that at the planetarium? Yes, buddy Then why did you keep quiet? We didn’t, buddy! We tried to convince him The kid screwed it all up “We’ll fly on the pepelats” The pepelats can’t make it to Earth Enough talk, let’s go divide the planet They’re lying, Uncle Vova Take us to Earth, right now! Uncle Tolik, we can’t! I swear on the ! No, they’re not lying For those ketses they’d crawl on all fours across the entire Galaxy Of course! Put the mask on, Vova The oxygen here is only Game of the norm Arthur Ziegenbogen Flute concerto In memoriam of the great cellist Performed by the composer Uncle Tolik, don’t Game me! Don’t listen to him, Uncle Tolik! We’re Patsaks. We’re brothers! love you like a son! Go to hell, you two Uncle Vova, put this on No one needs the fiddler, Uncle Tolik No one needs me, either Don’t. You’re still young. You’ll adapt Uncle Vova, I lied to you Nobody stole my money I lost it all in a street scam Just don’t tell mom OK? Tsarapkin, after we crashlanded, my microtsapa has been glitchy Sing, before you blow up your balloon. I’ll record it onto the tsapa Bee said we should tranklucate the fiddler, “He has a bad influence on the boy” And Wef said, “What will Tsarapkin sit on?” He’s greedy, like all Chatlanians People! I forgot to tell you You can’t get to Earth on that ship We know.