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Ben 10 – Savage Pursuit Gramps will never let me go. That’s the real issue? What is the issue? The real issue is, “Is he the one?” Your first time Game Am I wrong? Should be unforgettable. It matters. Leave it all to me. Don’t sulk at Gramps now. Don’t provoke him. And stay off the booze. Promise? Come on. Wait. Take a seat. Look Game Over there is Eygaliéres Hill. Me and my buddies gallop around it like that, and arrive there. Where? Right there. Stop it, you gave me a fright! What’s that there? Where? There. Not Provence. Forget it. It’s megapretty here. “Megapretty”? Parisspeak. You wouldn’t understand. Want some? Just go for it. “Love Game “is a dream.” You can’t even read, dummy. Stuffy today, huh? Feels like a storm brewing. Maybe, yeah, it’s very, very hot. Is that enough? A bit more? That okay? Or I can break out a fresh tub. That’s fine. There you go. Thanks, Mrs Game I’ll put it on Iréne’s tab. Okay. You bought a ton, Adrien! With the prices Magali charges Game Who’s that again? Demi Moore! Who? Stop that! Shit, Léa, it’s Easy Rider! Actually, I think you’ll find it’s Old Geezer Rider. My God, I don’t believe it! Franck! JeanMi! Laurette! Elie! So you went back to the land! The back of beyond! Even the GPS went round in circles. He kept bawling me out. Paul! It’s so good to see you. How did you find us? Facebook. We thought, let’s surprise ’em. Busted. He’s rumbled you. He’ll slaughter you! Come and meet my grandchildren. I missed you. Laurette’s a Pastis. I’ll get it. I’ll take him. So you never stopped hitting the road? Never! A different trip every year. Last year, the fjords, Norway Game Froze our nuts off. So this year, Provence. Thanks to you. Here, Paul. Thanks. My bike saved my life. I mean, I took over Dad’s law firm in the sticks. What about you? All good. I’m a Tantric sexologist. Nothing heavy, just practical stuff! Franck? I moved to Ardéche with my wife. We’re having a kid. Here’s to you! That’s why I can’t stay over tonight. And you, Elie? Married? To her. Cheers! Under control? I think so. Granny! Stunning!