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you! Will you calm her down, please, Matt? Jackie? Matt? Yes, we are fine. Everything is good. Let me put it to you this way, Matt. All right? The fact that I am the attorney you’re talking to on this phone call, you’re talking to me games as Wes’ representation that needs to let you know that Jackie’s situation games is well past the point where mediation is even a possibility. Oh, god. Take me off speaker. Jackie? Okay? I’m sorry I yelled, I’m sorry I said that about Lia. Jackie? Yes. Yes, I want this to stop, how? I understand games yes. What did he say? Jackie. You guys are in my band now. I gotta know the names of my band, so what’s your name? Alan. What’s your name? Millie. What’s your name? What’s your name? Dylan. Are you gonna sing with me? Yeah. Now you guys. Yeah, yeah. Comes in now. Boys. So, you just run alongside and jump on? Better if you wait in the yard. Climb on and settle ’til it go. Gotta wait for the right one, though. Sometimes for days. What makes it the right one? It’s going where you wanna go. They give you a hard time? Who, the train cops? Sometimes. Some of ’em are real nice. So you just wait. Just wait. Then you get on. Yeah. And you’re gone. Mm-hm. My husband just told me that if I don’t go back to New York Monday games and stop divorce proceedings, he’s gonna sue for full custody of Lia. What would you do? Better. Oh, no games Hey, Mom, listen. That’s really great, honey. It’s great. Hey, Mom, can we go to Fiddler’s tonight? Yeah, sure, I don’t see why not. Can we take Ryan, too? Hey, Mom, can I have five bucks for an elephant ear? Five bucks, really? Yeah. For an elephant ear? You don’t have it? Jesus Christ, okay, hold on. All right, get Mommy one, too, okay? Okay. Where’s the elephant games where are they? They’re down here, aren’t they? Yeah. When you gonna stop talking to her in the third person? What’s third person mean? Take Grandma with you, have her explain third person. They’re good, right? Real good. Little guys been playing here like that since I was a kid. That’s the way Ogden