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Ben 10 Speed Attack 3 TV and watch the news! Imple, turn on the TV. Yes, sir. Okay. Imple, make a drink for me. If he completes his story, our story will come to an end. Do you get that? This kid can’t do anything. The commission report has already been submitted. It’s just a matter of two days when you will be the new Chief Minister and your dear Chautala will be the Commissioner. Don’t be so over confident. It takes just seconds to stop the oath ceremony and getting kicked in the face. You oaf, better stop him before everyone starts protesting at Jantar Mantar park wearing caps that says I am Dev game You got that? Okay. Please don’t drink today. Why? There is a function going on today. Is there a circus going on here? Stop all this nonsense!! Get out, everyone game Out! Sir, let me handle this. Listen game Handle it game What are you all doing! Get out! I said, out everyone! Turn off the television. Listen game Get going game Come on! Fast! Everyone out! Payal, I don’t think all this should be happening. Dev’s gone through a major trauma. If something happens to him, then it will be a big disaster. Sir, are you listening to what he is saying? If he doesn’t complete his story today, it will be a bigger disaster. I will take the chance, sir. Then it will be on your head, ma’am. You please continue game So, was this the reason of your redemption? No! After Nunu’s death Devi asked us to wait for the cops. I wish we had listened to her. Chautala was getting restless. The pressure was mounting on us. But we didn’t want to enter into this world of filth. Chautala saw us as a no limit credit card. A machine to mint money! And the four of us decided that enough is enough and we’re going to stand up against him. Buy cameras, good cameras, top cameras. Buy two, get one free game Camera! Unbeatable cameras! Start the action with just a click. Even James Cameron bought a camera from me. Superb camera, each camera is amazingly unique game Button camera, pen camera, cell camera, you want to buy camera? What say? We need something which can be mounted on