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Ben 10 Super Speedy My fiancée has a very rare medical condition. She requires extremely low temperatures at all times. I trust that won’t be a problem. All right, I’ll be down to pick up the ticket this afternoon. No. Just oneway. I won’t be returning ever. Oh, miss. Yes? Excuse me. Mmhmm. I’m looking for a traveling ensemble for my fiancée. Why, certainly, sir. Would you like something for a cold or a warm climate? Warm, but she’ll want to cover up. I need something with a high neck and a floorlength skirt, and…do you have any parkas with OdorEaters in them? I beg your pardon? OdorEaters. WOMAN SCREAMS The most horrible thing’s just happened! It’s on TV! Come on! The enormously popular group the Radio Werewolf was apparently taking joy rides in a stolen ‘Baker. We’re going to Christie Doll on the scene. They came from a white Transylvania ghetto, and they died on this Beverly Hills boulevard far from home. The irony of this would not have been lost on these acerbic youths whose name, Radio Werewolf, summed up an era in popular music. Smothered by a breastshaped balloon meant to protect them, they died quickly but prematurely. Let’s talk to a fan. WOMAN They’re not dead. They’ve pulled this shit before. Bernie Berkowitz, their manager for the last two months. They’re not dead! You can’t kill Radio Werewolf! These are wonderful kids, you know. A little wild, sure, but, I mean, who can hold that against them? They had more music in their rotten teeth than most musicians have in their whole heads. You talk about them as if they’re still alive. Uh, no comment. This is Christie Doll. Back to you, Nancy SWITCHES OFF TV First Mouse is squashed, then we’re all expelled, and now this Radio Werewolf, dead. Hey! Come on, everybody. Look, we have to get our acts together. Now, what are we gonna do? PURCELL I know what to do. I’ve got a plan, but I need your help. And if it works, I can pretty much guarantee that all of you will graduate. Looks like she’s been through the wringer. Let’s just say she’s been around. Are you sure this is legal?