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I don’t want to be another girl complaining about prom “and the hair and the stuff.” And I was like, “Well, what if we have Radar do it?” Which worked out so well, that this whole time you think Radar has been tiptoeing around Angela’s needs for prom, and in fact he is the one who loves prom. And Angela, she’ll have a good time, but it’s his night. Yeah, I think that was a really, really good point by Jaz. She had such a great understanding of that character, but she also knew what she didn’t want that character to be. And it’s much better in every way to have it be Radar who’s the one who’s passionate about prom. Yep. Yep. Yeah. It’s another example of how much the actors made the movie good. Yeah, and we just passed another one, Snow Dogs. Snow Dogs, that was all them. They came up with Snow Dogs. We do not remember the film Snow Dogs. But hopefully, it will give a nice boost to that movie, I’m sure also available on DVD. Probably. Is it a th Century Fox film? I don’t game Do we have to clear that with them before we reference Snow Dogs? Well, it’s in the film, so I feel like if the film references it, we probably can have it in our commentary. They’ll let us do it, yeah. But this whole scene is great, and this was a really game This was the night where we stayed up all night on this abandoned highway. It was my favorite night of shooting, it was my first all-nighter game “Abandoned” is the wrong word. That’s a workable highway that we were allowed to have for eight hours. Right. And we were promptly kicked off of it at in the morning. It was pretty stressful trying to get everything that they needed to get that day before the highway reopened at a.m. Yeah, you’re right, it wasn’t abandoned, it was closed. Yeah. But there was something really nice about it, I mean, just to go from some stage to all of sudden shutting down an entire highway with lights strung all the way down it. Yeah. That night, it was a crazy experience. There’s something kind of magical about being able to walk on a four-lane highway.