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Ben 10 Ultimate Adventure Bert never had it around. We’ll take care of that. Say when. Not for me. I’m not used to it. We’ll take care of that too. You’re sure of yourself, aren’t you? You gotta be educated. You just joined the world’s biggest army. The great American institution never mentioned on the th of July. A grass widow with two children to support. Why don’t you make an effort to grow up? You make an effort to forget Bert. Maybe I don’t want to. But you’ll be lonesome. You can’t get along by yourself. Well, I can try. Come on, get wise. Wally, you should be kept on a leash. Why can’t you be friendly? I am being friendly. I mean it. Friendship’s much more lasting than love. Yeah, but it isn’t as entertaining. Cut it out. You make me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. And I’m the Big Bad Wolf? You got me wrong. I’m a romantic guy, but I’m no wolf. Then quit howling! I know you romantic guys. One crack about the moon and you’re off to the races. Especially when it looks like a sure thing. Here we go again. Did I do something wrong? You’d better go, Wally. No dice, huh? Good night. Well, no dice, no dice. You can’t shoot a guy for trying. I just thought maybe that Mildred, I was only kidding. I wouldn’t pull any cheap tricks on you. You know that. Yes, I know. Why I said good night, Wally. Okay. Round one goes to Mildred. There won’t be any round two. I’ll keep on trying. I know, once a week. Twice a week. Veda! You awake? Yes, Mother. You’ll wake Kay. No. She’s tired out. She cried herself to sleep. Was it about her father? Yes. Is he going to marry Mrs. Biederhof? I don’t know. I do. I do know that you should be asleep. I’ve been thinking. What about? I heard you and Wally talking. Well? You could marry him if you wanted. I’m not in love with him. But then maybe we could have a maid like we used to Game Game and a limousine. And maybe a new house. I don’t like this house. Neither do I. But that’s no reason to marry a man I’m not in love with. Why not? Veda, does a new house mean so much to you that you would trade me for it? I didn’t mean it, Mother.