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Super Ben 10 Ultimatrix 2 That’s exactly what you did last night. But here, we think about each other before doing anything. That’s not fair game Yes, I do what I want. But I do it only when the other person wants the same thing game game and can’t do it. What difference does it make, Mili? Why don’t you understand game game there’s a big difference between you and me. We’ll spend all our lives erasing this difference. We should have something common between us to be happy. But there’s nothing common between you and me, Mili. I agree. Mom! Divya! Oh, thank God. Are you fine? How could you do this, Divya? How dare you? What is this? What did you do to your hair? Mother, sister Mili game “Sister” Mili game ? Of course. Of course. “Sister” Mili. I am sure that audacious girl encouraged you game game to take such a disgusting step. Running away from home game game and this preposterous hairdo. Well game your “sister” Mili’s gone. You won’t do such a thing again, okay? But, mom game Enough of this audaciousness. I need a crocin. Mom, I am not being rude. Sister Mili wasn’t wrong. Sister Mili wasn’t wrong. I see. Is this why she told you to run away from home? Don’t blame Mili game game she didn’t tell me to run away. I came back because of her. It was my plan to run away. I was planning for a year. But she said if I run away from home game game then I’ll accept my defeat. And we’re Rajputs. We don’t run away. We face our problems. Like you did when dad met with an accident. I didn’t understand it then. But I understood this when I was sitting alone at the station. That’s why I came back. And I will go only when you let me go. I am very tired. Just game Go to your room! Dinner at game Hello. Good morning, Kiara. Mili dear. Excuse me, please. Vikram! Listen! Ramsevak, it’s been so long game game since I didn’t stick my foot in anyone’s business. It’s been very long, your highness. Well, let’s practice. Greetings, your highness. Yes, Ramsevak. The master has called you. Now? Is he fine? What is it, Shekhar? Do you need something? Nirmala, pick up that folder.