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Ben 10 war Time You look very handsome. Really? Yes. Upstairs. Not you Silvia. The fourth floor is dangerous. It’s a man’s job. Ready? Bea is waiting for you. What the fuck d’ya want, tenthgrade shitheads? We need to meet a girl. A girl? Which one of you? Him. What do you plan to do with an upperclassgirl? You brought your friend so you won’t shit in your pants? Five minutes to make an ass of yourselves and get lost. You’re a rat. You’re going to pay for this. I couldn’t say it was me. I’m already paranoid as it is, dammit. Oh, there she is! Yeah. I’m going. That’s right. I’m going, right? That’s why we’re here. Listen, tomorrow I’ll wash my hair straighten it, then I’ll go talk to her. No, not tomorrow! I don’t want to be pissed on by that hog over there again. Go on. Okay? Go! Okay. Leo? What are you doing? Come on! Go! Go! Oh, Hey! How’s it going? Who the hell are you? But Game We play soccer together, don’t we? Yeah, and I’ll smash you. Good. You’re insane. Give me a Euro. A Euro? Yes, a Euro. Here. Get lost. Come on! I don’t see any contacts with females. You didn’t come to provoke us before the game. You wouldn’t be that stupid, would you? We really did come to talk to a girl. You know how it is when you lack the courage? No. I’m not talking about me. It’s him. How sweet! So, who’s the girl you like? Betta. Betta Mare or Betta Tinsel Teeth? Betta Tinsel Teeth. We came to talk to her. Scalorbi! There’s some loser from year who wants to date you! Interested? No! Tiziano red. Valentine red. Rustred. Penalty card red. Brick red. Blood red. Pompeiired. Stoplight red. Fuchsia red. Beatricered. Leo! Daddy’s boy! We’ll stay outside the door to your room, okay? Is a reply too much to ask? We taught you how to talk when you were. Listen, Leo, your mother and I have noticed that you aren’t yourself. Is there something you want to tell us? Is anything wrong? Yes, I need to clean the paintbrush. He doesn’t communicate. He’s become like everyone here in Turin. Why did I ever accept this transfer. I think he’s in love. He showers every day. Really? Poor guy!