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Ben10 In Mario World 2 Well, that’s not only ridiculous, but insulting. You’re not that much of a prize. Ed, here’s the game Oh, excuse me. What have you got? Sally bought some government bonds. When? Five months ago. Sally or Rienzi? In her name. , worth. And it took some doing at this hour, But we’ve got a checkup working in every bank for saving accounts. Safety deposit boxes? That too. That’s all we’ve got. Okay. Look here, Frank. Sally as a high school girl, model for Wharton’s department store, Showgirl, kept girl, missing portion, the river. Now if we can plug up this hole between Wharton’s department store and the river, Fill it up with Rienzi game Goodbye, Mr. Shafer. I can’t wish you good luck. You know how it is. There’s something you ought to know, Mr. Hutcheson. Yes? Jim Cleary on one. Yes, Jim? Nora and I are getting married tomorrow night. Ed? Ed! I thought it best not to delay any longer. You know how it is. Ed? Yes, yes. Go ahead. Here it is, just what you’ve been looking for. Yeah. Rienzi’s your boy, all right. Showgirl in a musical produced by Al Murray. The show was backed by Rienzi over three years ago. Frank. Oh, it’s the only show Rienzi backed. He insisted Sally be in it. I’m with Al Murray now. He says that Rienzi used to send a car around for her every night after the show. Hold it. Yep. Switch this call to rewrite. You hear that, Cleary? Okay. Yep, yep. Oh, Frank. On the Willebrandt story, uh, kill the part about Wharton. Use Cleary’s story for a leadall. Throw in Sally’s face. No nudity. Miss Barndollar? Yes, sir? I want a complete check on Lewis Shafer, Runs the united advertising agency. Shafer. Yes, sir. Yes, sir? Anything from Thompson yet? No, sir. Mr. Schmidt? Mr. Schmidt? Don’t move. I just wanna game Shut up! Take your hat off. Sit down. No, over there. Put your hands on the table. Relax, Herman. I’m here to help you. Who’s with you? Nobody. What’s the pitch? My name is Thompson. Reporter, sports, for the day game Don’t do that! Sports, huh? What’d you write today? “The question of televising next season’s baseball games