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I’m very game Ben is very closely modeled on high school me, unfortunately. And this was game One of the things I said to Austin after we finished shooting was that, as someone who felt like a Ben a lot of high school, I feel like he understood me, and he didn’t play me as a type. He didn’t play me as a cliché. He played me as a person. And he understood things about me that maybe even I couldn’t have articulated at the time, and I thought he did a greatjob capturing that. It still has to be said that Austin, in order to be method drunk, since he wasn’t going to actually drink, just did a lot of spinning. Yeah. That whole night, he was spinning in circles. That was Nat’s idea. Was it? Well, so says Nat. I don’t know. Okay. All right. But I also love the way Justice delivers that line right there. It’s so important to the movie. It’s so important to me, my relationship with the movie, and he just gets it, he just nails it. He is just the perfect, perfect Radar. So fun, I know game This is fun for me. Thank you, Jake. Thank you for making a movie that I actually like. Thanks for creating a movie out of nothing. A novel and then an entire empire and then movies to be made from it and game I love the fact that he’s holding a beer but he’s not drinking it. He’s just holding it, but he looks like a person who’s appropriate for the party. Yeah, which kind of gets revealed in this moment here ’cause it would have spilled out if he game It’s not even open. Yeah. (BOTH LAUGHING) He doesn’t even know what to do with it. He’s like, “Well, at least I’ll blend in over here.” So, yeah. And then here we have the bathtub scene, which is a really important scene in the game No, first we have our erotic thriller moment. Yeah, this is our erotic thriller moment, which is nice. You could direct an erotic thriller, too. This is now my calling card for Fifty Shades . Yeah, I think that one has already been made. By the way, there is a technology involved in fake peeing that was absolutely astonishing to me. Nat is holding a thing