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Ben10 Super Speed Racer 4 I know, but Game Then we have nothing more to discuss. Nope. Try LemvighMueller. Rikke, what is it? You’ve got me at a really bad time. All right, I’ll go. No, I’ll go. It’s okay. I have to go, Carsten. Keep trying till you find someone. I’ll call you later. Right. What happened to your bike? Someone broke it. They trampled all over it. Buckled the front wheel. Who did? Can we please just go home? Some man came by for you. Who was it? He didn’t tell me his name. He asked me if I wanted a ride home. A man you didn’t know? That’s what I’m saying. What did he look like? Like a normal guy. What did he look like? I don’t know. I didn’t go. Do you see him anywhere? Do you see him? Look hard. Well, it might be that guy. Hey! You there! Hey! Hey! Is that understood? Then what did I say? Take it easy. This is important. We can’t go with people we don’t know even if they say they know you or Mum. Remember that. Andreas, I mean it! But I didn’t go with him. Lars, that’s enough. Stop undermining me. Jesus Christ, Betty! Be a bit more careful! Try asking for stuff instead of grabbing for it! It was an accident. It’s still ing unbelievable. It’s okay, sweetie. What’s wrong with you? I’m just under a lot of stress. What’s going on? It’s nothing. I can handle it. You’re acting all crazy. Why won’t you tell me what’s going on? Storgaard and his mob have bullied Preben to stop giving us discounts. It wouldn’t surprise me if they robbed the container, too. Could they be the ones who offered Andreas a ride? Is that why you acted that way in there? What’s this about? It’s because you’re scoring all the big gigs. If you hadn’t taken them on they’d leave us alone. You sound just like my father. You should call the police. I’ll just keep on going. Why do you have to be so stubborn? I’m just trying to make our business a little profit. Why do you need all that money? You don’t understand a damn thing. You want me to end up like my dad? A burntout wreck at sixty? He hasn’t been on vacation in decades for fear of leaving the company.