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Yeah, we shot a cool scene and we sang Party in the USA.” And she was like, “That’s cool, like Pitch Perfect.” Yeah, so it turns out that’s from Pitch Perfect. Yeah. And then we had another idea, which was to sing a Taylor Swift song, Shake it Off, which is a great song. Great song. And very well performed by the guys. But when we stumbled upon the Pokémon song, it was clear on every level that it was the right decision and I think six different people have taken credit for coming up with the Pokémon song. I’m going to give credit to Halston Sage, because they game It was Halston. I agree. It was Halston. Well, it was one of those things, again, that it came from them, I think, Scott and Mike, where we had this idea that maybe it could be the song from Duck Tales. And we went over and they were like, “Hey, what do you guys think of Duck Tales?” And they were like, “Shut up, old man, what are you talking about? “We don’t know what that is.” Right. And then Halston said, “What about Pokémon?” And they all started singing it, including Halston. And even if she didn’t come up with it, she was the deciding factor because it wasn’tjust that they knew it, she knew it. We felt like everyone in that age range would know it and have some reference point for it. And it feels so much like it comes from their characters and it’s something that they would sing as like a comfort food to hold on to. Yeah, and this whole thing is basically them. I mean, the song was them, and then the “I’m more of a Charizard girl” thing. Yeah, this line, she improvved that. I have no idea who Charizard is. I also could not pick Charizard out of a lineup. Yep. I had to Google to make sure that she was pronouncing Charizard correctly. That was good executive producing. Thank you. Okay, but that game It was great too that she added that because I think it helps. You know, one of the things that we don’t have a lot of time to do in the movie versus the book is develop Ben and Lacey’s relationship, which doesn’t even reach the level that it reaches in the book.