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See you tomorrow. Forget about Turtle Island. We’ve got the wind. You’ll get off next stop. I’ll pick up speed. We’ll see later. What the hell have you done? Yann! Help! We’re sinking! We’re gonna die! You sure conned me. You speak French! What will you do with me? You talk first! I’m listening. Where are you from? I’m Mauritanian. I’m years old. What were you doing on the Canaries? The fishermen from my village dropped me off. Then I saw your boat with the French flag. I jumped in the water game You piss me off! Understand that? You in’ piss me off! You piss me off. This asshole’s pissing me off! You know, people say I play soccer well, that I have talent. I don’t give a shit! I understood. If people find me here you’ll lose the race. That’s why I’m unloading you. There’s another solution. Toss you in the ocean. Did you think of that? Take a look. Come on. Look over there. There’s an island. Tristan da Cunha. You’ll like it. Englishmen live there. Yann, do you copy? Yes, I copy. Mag Embling’s got a problem. Just received a Sarsat alert via Cape Town. Last position given at h °’ South, °’ West. Time: h UT. We’re asking game What did you say? I’m asking you to change course. Copy? Yes, I copy. Plans have changed. Hide. Race HQ to Yann! I copy! We got images. The boat capsized. Not sure if Mag’s inside game Cape Town will connect for rescue, and send a plane to the zone. Can I help? No. Wait! During the rescue, if I fall in the water and the boat goes off, I’ll give you this. Then, you press the button in the center. The boat will start to circle. In the center. There’s more. Two: The life raft. See the knife here. Cut the line. That one. Give the boat a kick beneath the bar, then give the strap a sharp tug, and the boat will automatically inflate. Got it? Everything? Are you sure? Three: You stay below. A competitor might join us. Understand? Mag! Mag! Yeah! I’m coming! Go to the other side. I’m throwing you a line. Give me your hand. Come on game Gentle. It’s over now. We’re with Yann Kermadec. Hello, Yann.