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destruction of humans. What a tragedy. Imagine the potential these people possess- if they could only break free from the exploitations of this economic mechanism. Uh-huh. Uh-huh? Look at them, how neatly they walk. Well raised, decent people. Every sunday the sit at home, eating cake- watching their tv. Every tuesday they go out and get pounded on the head with things they can buy. Look at all the ads: Buy this, buy that! It’s all systematic exploitation- a crime!They’re criminals, for God’s sake!This is a rogue society. The “criminals” are the ones protesting the crimes. Therefore the”criminals” are the honest, and the”honest” are the criminals. They’re supposed to be robots, for a God damn upper class to profit on! Ever thought about that? Ever thought about that? “Man’s written history is five thousand years old. ” “More has happened in the last fifty years, than all the ones before that. “Humanity is half a million years old. ” “More has happened in these last fifty years. What will happen in the next two hundred?” “Perhaps Man is mutating. ” “Maybe she will evolve into something completely new, a whole new species. ” “The new species will be one without aggression. ” “What’s preventing this social evolution?” “It’s the whole social structure we live within. ” “The upper class oppressing the lower classes, pushing them down into illiteracy- pushing them down into need, pushing them down into hunger- throwing away the potential, the human intelligence, that could have been used to do good. ” “The lid!The damn lid that prevents all evolution. ” “If this lid would only disappear, Man could- live to see a technical and social explosion. ” “If only the lid would disappear Games ” Games and that’s the Gröna Lund amusement park, the new Games Hey! Are you aware of the fact that you are a lid? Have you ever considered the human, social and economic emancipation process? No, I can’t really say that I have. We humans have evolved over periods of time, right? Once we were apes. Then we found the stick, became half-humans