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We’ll be looking for you in town. Folks’ll be looking out, now that your man’s come home. Goodbye, Mrs Sorenson. Goodbye, Mrs Collings. Oh, and give my very best to Mr Collings. Thank you. You know that he wants to stay here? I gathered that. What do you think about it? Well, that ain’t for me to think. You don’t have to worry about me hanging around. You probably think I’m pretty hard. Now, ma’am, that’s not for me to decide. Well, I am. Don’t want to be, but I am. I don’t know how many nights I sat on the porch, rocking myself back and forth watching the shed, hoping whoever was in there would come out, hoping and terrified in case he did. It was all right at the time out in the field or in the hay, sometimes just down on the dirt. That’s right. You can tell, can’t you? Wouldn’t really matter whether it was you or him tonight. You think he’ll be happy here? There’ll be times when he’ll be happy. If you really want him, ma’am you’re gonna have to tell him and you’re gonna have to tell yourself too. What are you talking, Arch? What’s this about heading west? Well, you’re settled in here now, Harry. I thought I’d go back to our old plan and go on out to California. But you like it here. I know you do. He suits it here, doesn’t he? Reckon if Arch wants to go on, we shouldn’t argue with him. It’s better this way, Harry. Best thing. You really want to go to California, Arch? See that ocean? Sure do. I wouldn’t say so if I didn’t. OK, Arch, that’s what you wanted. I think this is how it has to be, Harry. Did you ask him to go? No, I never did. But you want him to, don’t you? I want you to stay. That’s what I want. But I will stay. I told you so. With me. Because of me, me and Janey. That’s why I came back, ain’t it? Partly. Partly because you were tired, sick and weary of having no place but the ground to sleep. Harry, I’m all aching and sore from these last six years. I feel I’m gonna split open. I’m scared to think it might all come right again, after all this time. I don’t believe it. But I want it to be. Can you understand that?