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Vestron is sinking. Without the pumps, this place will be underwater within hours. Then we need to launch the rocket before then. Sir, I don’t think you understand. We don’t know at what point this platform becomes unstable. You’ll risk losing our rocket, everything we have been working for. This could work. We only need to find enough power for ignition. After that, the rocket will power itself. Doc Games my boat’s got power. It’s not enough. Sir, I know you’ve put a lot into this. We all have. But to risk it all on one final shot is not Games Listen, Dr. Nichols says that this is the launch window. We can’t wait. This planet can’t wait. It gets hotter every day, and the hotter it gets, the less chance we have of success. We’re at tipping point. We’ve got one chance, and it’s now. So what’s your plan to power the rocket to ignition? Well, the shark has displayed some powerful bioelectric characteristics. Um, in our last encounter, I actually managed to radio tag the shark, which not only monitors the temperature, but also fluctuations in the electric field. We all know what an electric eel is, yeah? They use electrical pulses to stun their prey. Right. Well, this shark doesn’t have that particular capability, but it does have other capabilities. We believe that it’s communicating with its surrounding sharks by completely overwhelming circuits of the ampullae de Lorenzini. Thing is, is that sharks don’t normally use their electro-sensing organs until the moment before they bite their prey, and they need to be in close proximity for it to be able to work. It’s not like their sense of smell. Their ampullae is actually quite weak, so Games the fact that our shark is broadcasting electromagnetic signals to a shark that can detect it from distances, I mean, it must have Games a very powerful electro-transmitting organ. Now this is what my sensor picked up. A series of pulses that completely overwhelm our sensors. I mean, we’re talking about kilojoules of energy here. You want to jumpstart the rocket by using the power from a shark?