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You should bring good walking shoes. Not being touchy. Just want to make sure the three beers are mostly gone. Okay. Tomorrow should be early. Is :, : okay? Okay, yes, thank you. Okay. Good night, then. Pura vida. She told you to read that? No. I just wanted to read it. Is that so strange? Yes! This is your first book Games ever. Is she pretty? Who? The librarian. I don’t know. Maybe. How don’t you know? You look at her, don’t you? Yeah, but I guess I just see how smart she is. That’s so sweet, but that means she’s not very pretty. Fitting in is a habit you either develop early or not. There’d be nothing more pathetic than attempting it now. Sitting amongst them would make it more obvious what a complete freak I am. Did you go out last night? Well, I went out on the beach for a while. Oh, what a beautiful night. So many stars, yes? Yes. I’m not used to seeing so many. You don’t see them in Los Angeles? No. The city lights are too bright. And Games smog. Oh, that’s too bad. I guess at least you can see the other stars in Los Angeles. Who have you seen? Nobody. None I know. It’s ridiculous. Anything wrong? It’s very fun. Uh Games Yeah? I’m not Games I’m Games I’m not really sure about this. Come on, Jane. You will like it. Uh, no, I’m Games I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Jane, you do different things on vacation. You are on vacation. That’s why you came, right? Come on, Jane. That’s why you came. No! That’s not why I came. Okay, okay. I’m sorry to push. We can go. Sure? Are you sure? No, no. No vamos. That’s fine. We can go. No, wait. No, wait. Okay. You sure, Jane? Yeah. Come on. It’s gonna be wonderful. Put that foot right here. Okay. Okay, your left. You will like it, Jane. I’ll place this on the back. He has to touch you just a little bit to put, you know, the belt. Doesn’t matter. Okay, okay, okay. Okay? Okay, I’m good, I’m good. Okay. Hold it right here. It’s gonna be fun. Let’s go! I’m gonna be first, okay? Okay. So you can see me. Okay. Oh! Jane! Jane! Jane! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m really sorry to push you before.