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How about a process of elimination? Right. A new volcano or a large thermal vent. What else could it be? Then let’s plan our basic response. Can we hold a cabinet meeting,Mr. Prime Minister? Of course. Let’s move to the main conference room. Yaguchi. You’ll have to toe the line on their decision. Don’t stir things up. Shouldn’t we consider every possibility? Hideki Akasaka, Aide to the Prime Minister National Security Officer It’s good to be a rebel, but think of the guy who got you here. Got it? Word of advice. Fourth Floor Conference Room All those injured in the tunnel are receiving care. Conference regarding the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line incident Fireboats and helicopters are mobilized in Tokyo Bay. Satomi, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, is absent on a trip to Australia. They stand ready to respond. Regarding to Tokyo Bay coastal region Radio Radio we’re at evacuation preparedness level. Due to possible debris and ash, we’re grounding all flights out of Haneda until further notice. Forgive me. Correction. The grounding of all flights out of Haneda is unavoidable to ensure citizensafety over economic concerns Radio Later As for the undersea volcano-induced tunnel flooding. fortunately, no toxic gasses have been detected. Teams from the Archaeological Agency and the Coast Guard are en route to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause. Eruption activity isreportedly dying down rapidly. Is it over? No big deal, I guess. Mr. Prime Minister. I beg to reiterate Radio Radio the presence of a large marine creature Radio Radio as a possible cause. Yaguchi. This is no place for jokes. This is a ministerial meeting. Minutes are kept. Don’t make mockery of it. With no time frame for restoration, we can expect those losses to swell. Sorry! We must suspend this meeting. The television. Turn on the TV! It’s unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like it. What was that? A tail? Yes, It’s a tail. Yaguchi’s joke may be a serious thing. Let us adjourn this meeting.