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They’re tasked with guiding rescue and evacuation efforts. But they’re not equipped for battle. Atsushi, Chief of the Ground Staff Attack helicopters are the most expedient. Contact Kisarazu base. Ozawa, Chief of the Air Staff Shall we deploy F-‘s from Misawa? No. Any civilian casualties could destroy the SDF forever. Hamada, Joint Staff Commander Let’s minimize firepower. Kitano, Chief of the Maritime Staff But we don’t know its strength. I think we need to be ready. Yajima, Joint Staff Deputy General I agree. Let’s recommend an integrated, force operation. Call the PM. The joint force will be lead by the Eastern Army. The goal, extermination. With ground troops focused on evacuation Radio Zaizen, Joint Staff General rapid response helicopters will beour primary attack force. Sir, as it’s in the city, some elderlyand infirm may remain. That’s why I can’t make a decisionwithout an inspection. Under such conditions, a little collateral damage is unavoidable. Sir, it’s not easy. But we need a decision. Understood. Ground Self Defense Force Kisarazu Base, Chiba Prefecture This is a risky, unplanned mission.Call for volunteers? No, standard rotation.This is what we signed up for. Fourth Anti-tank Helicopter Unit, Second Flying Squadron Ground Self Defense Force AH-S Attack Helicopter Kisarazu lift off :. ETA :. Over. Underground Access Elevator, Prime Minister’s Office What a relief. The creature may be big, but this ought to do the trick. Maybe we can rebuild the town with it’s carcass. Minister Yanagihara. Wishful thinking and armchair theories by the old Imperial Army in the last war led to million Japanese lives lost. Beware of unfounded optimism. Kitashinagawa Please watch your step. Remain calm. Get away from here quickly! Local evacuation centers are useless. Tell us where to send people! The creature’s progression has stopped! Stopped? Why all of sudden? Incredible. It’s evolving. Shinagawa Shrine Kitashinagawa Station Yatsuyama Rail Bridge Attacker , this is CP. Over.