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language English. Shaggy, look. Let’s check it out. Oh, boy. Lights, camera, action, huh, Scoob? Now that you’re a young adult game you’ll need to learn societal dos game and don’ts. Interaction between young people is polite and casual. Hey, sorry, bro. I will crush your bones into dust. Let’s see how the situation should be handled. Remember, today’s young people have a language all their own. Sorry, bro. No big whoop, dog. Catch that new vid on the box? True dat. I’m up to sniznuff on all popular trends. Word. It seems to be a brainwashing facility of some type. Wherever there’s a brainwashing cult, there’s always a power-hungry leader. The Papa Smurf figure. Mondevarious. Then why would he have invited us here? Jellybeans. I’ll have whatever he’s having. Are you challenging me? Maybe. Pull my finger. Too late. You’re in trouble. Oh, boy. I’m not stopping till your fur is singed off. We’re here to solve a mystery. Yeah, Scoob. Let’s get out of here. Zoinks! Skedaddle! I found a neat and scary clue. Us too. This is a brainwashing facility for an evil cult. Maybe this is the secret relic thingy they worship. We’ll all be relics if we don’t get out of here. I got a plan. What’s that smell? Sir, they found the Daemon Ritus. For your sake, they better not have gone far. It is time to summon the big muchachos. Like, oh, no! Mystery Inc. You all seem rather cheery. Good news, I hope? Mr. Mononucleosis game Yes? We have hit a clue smorgasbord. We have three suspects as to who’s behind this evil hooty. N’ Goo Tuana. He believes your park’s on enchanted ground. The voodoo man, who tricked me into going to the castle. And you. Me? Let’s split up. We’ll meet in a half-hour. I’ll interview employees to see if they’ve noticed anything odd. I’ll translate these inscriptions Daphne found. I’ll go research cults on the Net. I’m a suspect? Don’t take it personally. It’s because you creep me out. I see. Fine. Jinkies. Hey. Your friends ditch you? No, I always did the brainwork. What’s this? I believe it’s called the Daemon Ritus. Best Bubbulz Adventure