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Come quick. Little ones, little ones! Look, new mouths to feed. Oh, they’re nice! You like this, huh? Oh yes, I like it. You can’t know how much this means to me. Yes, yes, I know! I leave you with your little friends. I run to the kitchen to prepare a good lunch. But what’s the boss going to say about all this? It’s totally fine with him. Because the boss is me! No one has anything more to declare? So, no one? Yes, me, monsieur Inspector! I must draw your attention to the woman named Divine. I need to remember. Of course you can’t know that in the Slave Market I had a magnificent entry with steps to descend. A splendid scene! And that little nothing tried to show herself off by unspeakable means! Understand? That doesn’t interest us. No, that doesn’t interest us. So I’ve nothing more to do here. I ask you all to hold yourselves in your dressing rooms at my disposition. Go now! Who’s missing here? Monsieur Lutuf-Allah, mademoiselle Dora and mademoiselle Divine. Have them wait a moment in the corridor but don’t let them leave. It’s dictatorship! You know what dictatorship is? Yes, it’s when fuzz are In the dressing room and artists in the corridor. They’re looking for Divine, ’cause of the snow. Pigs! She hasn’t done anything! Red Apple of Love, Snow Games , Ah!? Of Beauty. A postcard. Read it From Cairo. Good souvenir of the pyramids. I hope you have your little car now too. And everything just as you wanted. Ah! Victor! Oh, ! ! Hurry up. What do you want me to tell? Do you have the address of the girl named Divine? The dancer? Yes. The dancer from here, the theatre? Yes. We’re sticklers for rules. Bring your register and have those women come in! Right away? Right away! Ladies, get In! The police want you. Liar beware! How long have you been dressing room mates of Divine? year! months! days! Well, we’re off to a good start! You didn’t notice anything peculiar in her manner? No, monsieur. And you? Yes, monsieur. Ah, ah! What? She was very nice, very agreeable. And? That’s all. That’s all? Of course. Don’t you find that peculiar?