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one to agree with that plan, but after inspecting the HAARP transmitter, it’s too risky to have someone over there setting it off. It has to be done this way. Copy that. I’ll leave it to you. She’s cleared the safe zone, so Games She’s cleared the zone. On my mark. Yes, sir. We are ready to proceed. , , Games , , Games , , , . Fire! Yeah! Do we disconnect? Negative. I have to steer the beam once it reaches the ionosphere. Atmospheric conditions influences the path. We need to do this now! Not yet. I can’t guarantee it will hit its target. We can’t stay connected much longer. We’ll lose everything! I need one minute to focus the beam. We don’t have one more minute! We’re losing it! Come on, baby! Ishi, we can’t remain connected any longer! On target now! Beam is on target! Disconnect! Whoo! Yeah! Oh, my gosh, look at that! Oh, wow. See? Unreal. Yahoo! Hey! Look at that! Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Hey, Shaw! Barrick, come and have a look! Get in. Quickly. Quickly. Barr Games where you going? Barr Games Wait! You’re not heading towards that, are you? We don’t bow to the wave, she’ll capsize us. Well, then, let’s just bow to the flipping wave and then bugger off back that way, shall we? Just hold on to something. Barrick! Don’t look, sweetheart. Come on. Oh, Christ. Sit down. Ah, you sit down! Sit down! I’ll sit down. Caroline? Caroline? Caroline, can you hear me? How’d we do? Oh, when the HAARP went off, it sent an E.M.P. pulse sideways and upwards. Power’s out. Systems are down. We didn’t disconnect in time. No, we did Games but I don’t think it mattered. The brunt of it hit right here where we are at. How’s the rocket? Structurally, sound. If we can get the iridium cases from the Osprey Games Games we’re good to launch. However Games without power, we’re dead in the water. What about wave kinetic energy harvesters Games or solar cells? Well, mechanically, they are sound, but the batteries used for storing the energy is fried. So we have no way of storing the energy we harvest? What about direct power from the harvesters?