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They said I was drunk. You were! You was drunk as a skunk. Waving a shotgun. No. Now you know we look after that place. Right? We don’t want you messing around down there. I spiced the evening up for people, y’know? Spiced it up. Here you go. You’re not going to do that anymore, are you? No, sir. Good lad. Oh, bollocks. Go on, get up, Jack. . This is so kind of you. Sweet, isn’t it? Lovely, yeah. Oh, hello. Oh, uh game Is that OK?? No, no. No, Frances, that wo game that won’t do. Umm game Go and sit with Mr. Kray and I’ll sort it out. Alright. She can’t even make a decent cup of tea. Yeah, poor Reggie. ey? It was a good effort. She looks like a budgie in that dress, doesn’t she? You reckon that a man wouldn’t pick her up if she was laying in the gutter. Yeah. Oh well. Poor Reggie. Right, I swear game I shall flush that. I left without saying goodbye. A sad victory. I’d never be good enough for their Reggie. He was Nipper’s Reggie as well. Reed couldn’t rest unless he clapped eyes on my husband once a day. I often had to settle for the same. Wherever you’re going, don’t stop until you get to the sea. But we all need something. What I shared with Ron was needing pills to get through the day. Sleeping pills helped sometimes, other pills helped other times. They were like a friend who held no judgment game and only wanted to be loved in return. Mother’s little helpers. They were very well named. Don’t go too fast. We’re not going anywhere like too fast. We’re in the grass. Alright, almost there. Alright?. A bit more game OK? OK. You ready? Yes. Really ready? Yes. Oh my God. Do you like it? Yes, what game what kind is it? What’s it called? It’s uh, it’s a Triumph. It’s a Spitfire. Triumph Spitfire. Can I get in? Of course you can, it’s yours. Happy Birthday. Here y’are. Happy Birthday, Frances. Thank you. Will you teach me how to drive? Uhhh, I can. Now? Umm game not today. Why not? I game uh game just can’t game not today. But I can tomorrow. Alright. Sorry. Kray. Kray. There’s an inherent threat in that one commanding syllable.