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right. They say love is a burnin’ thing Leah You were right about James. I broke up with him on New Year’s Eve. I was never meant to be with him. Why is that? Because I’m still stuck on you. And honey, I saw love You see, it came to me It put its face up Games Could you stand up for me? Games And then I saw love Feel good? It’s good feel, right? Yeah. You remember what you told me? Fit in and stand out? Indeed. You wanna wear ’em Saturday? With me? Saturday? That might be a problem. You know, Saturday, it’s a holiday. both Valentine’s Day. Mm-hmm. That’s a big one. Huge. That could fast-forward things. It’s usually reserved for people in a relationship. It is. So, I want to spend that day with you. You’re all that I want, Leah. all coos For every holiday. I’m in love with you. And I know now that I always was. I love you, too. cooing continues So, say it to me again, all right? I love you, too. all cheering Yeah. Sneakerheads come in for kicks, and they leave in love. Yeah, that’s how we do. Sneakers is love. Boo doo, boo doo boo doo Ooh ooh, ooh ooh If we make each other happy, then we just can Games Steve It’s me. Hey, babe Games gasps Oh! Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you. Games Is the sweetest thing in life These are beautiful. laughs What? Oh, my God! Leah, love. Chocolate. Thank you. Look. Poems of love? Poems of love. Here. Games Finest cuisine of today’s world Really? Really. These are big words. Well, I mean Games I’ll say ’em to you Games when you wear this. Yeah? You’re gonna look good. Mm-hmm. both mumbling Makes me just wanna open up Oh! Do you love it? gasps It’s my name. It is. Hold that. I can’t hold everything. You got a finger? Aw. Sweetest thing Games Happy Valentine’s Day. screams I shoot love, baby! I told you the bow and arrow was too much. It’s Games It’s the scream. We said don’t do the scream. I was tryin’ to Games Baby, I been lovin’ you Baby, I’m in love with you I could feel it Yeah, yeah Think about you all the time Take me, take me in your arms Tell me that you love me, too