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Why would you do that? Because I can’t kill you, no matter how much I ing want to. Reggie? Reggie? Reg, look at me. What the ‘s wrong with you? You kill a geezer in a room full of people. Are you ing mad? Ey? Ey, what? Svìtlík shoot into space, My dog ??Lucky will be with me and we’ll vžum, vžum, vžum between planets. So start warming up. Good work. Good work. And so .. I’ll do it. Yeah. I’ll do it, do it. Like a frog. Now back and do pushups. So now we zabìháme. To this wall. No, I think to this wall. I say to this? I thought this wall. Or actually this wall. This wall. Well, this wall too. Yeah. Very good. Butter, too? Butter, too. We still have some butter, hey. Butter! Yeah, mash it. Well, we got it. Thanks. You can do it? Yeah. Abracadabra! And candles. Candles have. I know… You said it would be birthday cake really. That means burning candles. Jack game Even without candles is good. It’s still a birthday cake. You had to say about the candles on Sunday presents, not stupid jeans. Sorry. We have to say on the matter, We really need. Things that easy to find. But the devil gets all that it conjures up. The Taste not the cake? No. Jack, taste a bit. I said no! Come here. Next week, when I’m six, a watch to tell a real candle. Do you think the next year. game and Edmond escaped from prison and swam and swam on the island of Monte Cristo and dug up the treasure, on which he told friends. He built a large yacht and sailed back to friends. And when he got there, He decided to buy the island and declare himself the Count, and vowed revenge on those who imprisoned him. Can I have more cake? Tomorrow. Just one bite? Have you brushed his teeth. One more story? Please. Jack, come to bed. It is late. Sing. It’s May day and it is a hot day And there were no shadows Just there for the river just below the belt, There is a lazy drifter. Sleeps, lifeless, softly sings And knows no fear Sings about the region, where you all can And where you do not have the money. Bzuèej there bumblebees and syèej bastards A blackbird sings beautifully there. Here are the jeans. Thanks. These grapes were too expensive, So I took .. pear compote. What is it? Birthday cake? Tos I should say, I’d buy him a gift. So what is he? Four? Five. game This is Room and beyond