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and I had to get in this. Director sir, effect of your drink. The guy to come in AC vehicle is coming over foot board. Stop it! Please stop! Stop it! Stop it! Who is she? What is that box and what is that nuisance? Sir, effect of your drink bottle. We got into the bus listening to that institute guy. We are like going to die with this cold. Hey, wait and do not push. Stop..stop. Oh no, we will die if all these get in Director Sir. Get in fast Hey, move aside. How many more will you push in? No way out sir. They live for a week only if they sell all these at the market. Will you kill us for them to live? What he said too is correct. Maybe some accident would happen if so many get in. How much do you get selling all these? We get up to sir I will give ,distribute to all. Director sir, he looks like a mini Millionaire. Mister, what is your name? Why does she need his name? You! What is your name? Pichaiah Naidu Pichaiah Naidu Will anyone have such a name? We do not keep names, but parents put. My grandfather named me so. I would have jumped into a well if I was named so. Ok, what is your name? Do you not name of the director? She asked as she did not know. Lakshmi Tulasi Lakshmi Tulasi! Why have you kept name of ladies? I would have jumped from a hill if I was named as a man. Shut up. They do not know your power, leave them. What is your name by the way? Mine is a very good name Oh no. Beautiful name Meaningful name Stop your build up like my Chokka guy and say your name. Chandramukhi Lakalakalaka Wow, you are saying great. Say again. Lakalakalaka Say again Lakalakalaka Shut up bloody Why do you react like he invented newly? Have you not seen Chandramukhi film? Did they do even a film on my name? What? She has not seen Chandramukhi too means no chance to have seen our films sir. Are you hungry? Will you eat something? Director sir, you! No, the dog Come on eat Director sir, she is seeing you. Have you observed? I saw What then? What else, she is good right? I understood Where? Hi Sam, how are you? Fine sir, where are you? I am going in bus with my team just for a change It is me in this film right? No dear, I am thinking to go with new people this time. Added, your marriage is fixed right? I just saw a girl in the bus. She is looking really good. She is the heroine if she agrees. I will at least do as the second heroine. I should be in your film, it is a sentiment. Ok, let us see. Bye Bye Whom did you speak with? With Samantha Who is Samantha? What? Who is Samantha? How much would she feel if she knows? Do you not know who Samantha is? No, will she be in this? She will be with Chaitu Then how did you speak from this? Why do you get so much shocked talking in cell phone? What is cell phone? Do you not know cell phone? No Oh God I cannot any more dude, mix it. How long man? Sir, take it What is that? Coconut water I like a lot Looks like she would drink everything.How much did you mix? ::. –> ::. align:center Coconut water is very good. Yes, they will be good Oh no, she drank more than a quarter Introduction to dreams unknown