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That I’d get thrown out. You got thrown outta school? Not yet, but I look at you and I know that I will be. Would it help if we left? If you left? Yeah, it’d probably help. You wanna come with me? I’m in high school. You could help me find my horse. If you want. What’s wrong? What are we doing? We’re not gonna find your horse out here, Patty. Maybe someone found him and took him back to your house. Maybe we should check at your house. You don’t look like you like that idea. I don’t. I guess. What are you lookin‘ at? Those lights up there. It’s the fair. You wanna go? Now? Yeah. Are you kidding? I have to get back to school. It’s a really good fair. I’m sure it is, but… Patty. What? I feel like I woke up with the dial on the wrong channel or something. I feel like that every day. So what do they have? Like, rides and stuff? J’ If! Didn’t love you, I’d hate you J’ Watching you play in the bath J’ A soapsuds stickleback navy J’ A scrubbing brush landing crafi’ J’ Your skin gets sofier and Wanner J’ I pat you down with a towel… Patty. There you are. I got another one for you, all right? There’s these two women. What? What are you looking at? You told me this one. How do you know? You told me this one five minutes ago. There’s these two women and they’re sittin’ on their front porch and one of them sees their husband… Boyfriend, with a bunch of roses. You told me this one. Did I? Yes. Oh. What? What’s the matter? I have to tell you something. Me too. Let me tell you first. I never tell anyone anything. Hey! Patty Va re. Hey, Fenton. Where you been at? I’ve been here tonight. Where’ve you been? Having a couple of brewskis, huh? Yeah. You met Jilly? We met, I think. Who’s this? Oh, this is my brother… Lars. Well, his name’s Lars, but he goes by Larry. Hey. She talks about you all the time, kid. Fenton Ray. This is Jilly. Hi there. Hey. You ride as good as your sister? What? He means horses, Larry. No, I don’t like horses. Larry’s into cars. No kidding? There’s that fathead cop again. He was down at the Landmark today.