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me all these questions? Are you from the police, huh? I got enough trouble with them myself. It’s plain to see the man’s not Italian. Listen, would you be interested in earning a few thousand lira? What a silly question. That’s the business I’m in, making money. Why didn’t you ask me sooner eh? Well thanks honey. But you misunderstand. I’m talking about Dino. What is it that you want hmm? I just want to find Dino, that’s all. Come on this isn’t enough money to locate him. The other half just as soon as I see him. Come on get some clothes on. Hurry up, put a dress on. Get going- You’ve got to promise me something, all right? What? That you won’t tell the police huh? Sure. Come on. Over there. That’s my mother’s. I told him to meet me at the bus stop at : and on time. Now look, you better say nothing. Don’t you tell him that I let you know where he is. Oh, there he is. And right on time. All right, the rest hmm? Out you go. Handsome. I see you some time. Sure. On a Safari in Africa sometime. Mm. All right. Ciao. Ciao. Great engine? A lot of power in eight cylinders. Yeah. Is something wrong with the engine? I get some kind of a strange knock. Want me to help you? You know something about motors? Oh yes. I’m a mechanic. Oh you are huh? — Yes. Look, why don’t you take a ride with me. Then you can hear it for yourself. Sure that’s the only way to find out. So that’s what that crazy Italian found in the shoe. Hold this huh? What is it? I’m not sure. Blueprints or maybe diagrams of some kind. Considering Bill’s line of work as an engineer, this might be bad news for a lot of people. What are you going to do with it? I don’t know. I hope you know you’re onto a really big story. , think about it. Don’t make a decision you’ll regret later. How’s Bill? Dr. Alatri’s going to operate tomorrow morning. He thinks there’s a % chance of recovery. Well at least that’s good news. Excuse me Senora, it’s :. Do you need anything else before I go? No thank you, you may go. Thank you. Shelly, I I have to let you know about this. What is that?