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reunites. We’ll be a team again, just like the old days. So come on game let’s do that thing where we all put our hands in, lift them up, and go: Only if Fred and Velma do it. People are watching, Shag. Yeah, Scoob, “roo-hoo.” Come on, buddy. Now that is a beautiful work of art. Would you mind me taking a seat there next to game ? To my grandma. That’s my grandma. Hi, Grandma. Like, no. Thanks. You’re welcome. Bless you. I’m sorry. My allergies. It’s usually only dogs that do it. Maybe I’d better move. No, wait. It’s probably just my grandma’s perfume. Yeah, even I sometimes get a little allergic, you know. Oh, jeez. I’m pretty sure Grandma wants to go back and visit with her pal Velma. Right, Grandma? Okay. Boy, oh, boy, those sure do look like Scooby Snacks. I know they’re for dogs game but they’re %% vegetarian, and I love them. Like, me too. Far out. I’ve never met another person who loves Scooby Snacks. Me neither. I’m Mary Jane. Like, that’s my favorite name. Really? No way. Hello. Grandma? Velma, it’s simple behavior modification. To cause a dog to discontinue any action, flick it on the nose. Observe. Scoob? See? Sit, Grandma! Bad, Grandma! Don’t eat the kitty! Welcome to Spooky Island game the frightfully popular spring break spot for college students. Catch our Electrical Torture Parade. It’s a Dead World After All. And the world famous Splatterhorn. Scooby-Doo! And the rest of Mystery Inc. It’s marvelous to see you! How fanta game I’m sorry. That’s the second time this week. Thank goodness. It’s a new toy. I’m just getting up to speed with it. Welcome. Thank goodness. I was afraid I’d have to lug those to the hotel. That’s what Spooky Island’s about, realizing your worst fears. I’m Emile Mondevarious, the owner of this amusement park. You seem less game Spooky. game than we’d have guessed. I can be pretty spooky when called upon. I can go: Claws and everything. You wouldn’t want to run into me in a dark alley. So you’re the one who brought us here? No. What brought you here was your insatiable appetite Best Critter Speed Escape