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Our best wishes to the betrothed! You shouldn’t have turned back with the drugs. I can’t do this. Listen up. I lost kilos of dope in that ambulance. I have to make up for it, quick. It’s the only way. I can’t do it. Do it for me. You know, it’s common practice. You won’t be the first nor the last. It’ll never fit. Sure, it will. You need to be relaxed. It’ll slip in by itself. Impossible. I can feel there’s no room. Don’t be a defeatist. Here. Look. Start with little ones. And the big ones game will just follow. I’ll sew or in my coat lining? No, no, no! We’ll take no more risks. You have to put it all in your game I’ll leave you to it. I’ll wait outside. Here. If you need help game don’t call me. All done? It all fit? See? It wasn’t so complicated. Shall I bring you the money the same way? Yeah game No! No way. Put it in the door panels. Use this route, both directions. According to the Janus’, no one’s ever there. It’ll take too long! Maybe. But it’s better than getting nabbed at the border. OK. Oh! Ooh! What? I think I better hurry! Well drive on. Go. We forgot to wish each other Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Mathias. Thanks. Something wrong? You don’t look good. I’m not. You had a bad Christmas dinner. No, it’s because of you. Me? I can’t stand your stupid Belgian mug! No! I can’t stand your potato-eating gob! Got it? I love Belgium, I love Belgians I hate you because you’re a racist* asshole! There, I said it! I’m French, so OFF! Mathias? What is it? I’m outta here. I can’t take this. I’m quitting. I came to say good bye, and wish you well with Vanuxem! I’m not gonna marry Vanuxem. Stop it. The priest told everybody at church. That was my brother’s doing and I gave him hell for it. You were at the Chimay church? Yes. Oh shit. Ruben! Oh shit. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Ruben, I swear I was testing you. To see if our friendship could take it. And? I dunno, you tell me. Oh, yeah? There! You had that coming a long time. Feel better, now? No. Why not? This is for your crack about my ‘potato-eating gob’!Best Cute Toy Shop