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Well, obviously. It’s grotesque. Let me introduce your rd partner, Grizzly. Grizzly? What’s with the mutt? One of the best agents in our department. That?! For protection? Not protection. But Grizzly has an uncanny nose for all narcotics. He’ll be very useful on the road. Gentlemen, in your vehicle. Gentlemen, it’s important that this international experiment succeed. Count on us. Be a symbol of tomorrow’s Europe. Well, we’re off to a good start. Please game Pardon. Down, Grizzly. Down, Grizzly! Dog seems totally stupid. Must be French. I think he looks Belgian. I’m kidding. Pardon.. Why don’t they stop? Because this is not customs. We look like a couple of clowns. They think we’re a joke. You think so? What the am I doing here? I wonder, too. The world changes, we follow. No! game We submit, it’s not the same, Ducatel! The world isn’t changing. It’s going to hell and taking us along! We need a stop sign. Car trouble? Customs checkpoint, Monsieur. Customs? Oh, really?! Waddaya mean, really? Dunno, looks more like car trouble, or being lost. Monsieur, we’re customs officers and we’re doing or job, OK? Do customs still exist? Not Fixed Customs, but mobile units, do. Get out. I’ll show you if Customs still exist. Don’t get mad just because he’s French game I don’t give a if he’s a ‘cheese eater’! He’s taking the piss out of us! He’s not taking the piss. He asked why we’re here. I wanna know why I’m here, too! Serving a nation that doesn’t care! Stop this game Oh, well done, now he’s gone! Freeze! No! Are you nuts? Don’t do that again. Don’t shoot at him. He’s escaping! That’s no reason to shoot him! Fine. OK, what do we do Mr. Know-it-All? We take down his plate number. Or we follow him, but no shooting. We’re in France, here. French jurisdiction; I decide. I propose we chase him. What do you think? In that? No, c’mon game No! No! Why so nervous, dearie? No, everything’s fine. I like your brother’s colleague, Vanuxem. He’s nice, but not my type. I’ll marry someone I love. Yeah, but I never see you with a man. Best Cute Turtle Run, Best Cute Turtle Run Games, Play Best Cute Turtle Run Games