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in my elementary school. And I was for John F. Kennedy because my parents were Catholic, and I thought, although they were Republicans, they had a certain sympathy for Kennedy. But also because Kennedy’s hair was so much better than Nixon’s hair. And, therefore, I went to the cafeteria and as each kid would go through the cafeteria line with their tray, I would tell them, “You know, Nixon has proposed” having school on Saturdays.” Well, then the mock election was held, and to the surprise of the local newspaper, Democrat John Kennedy swept this mock election. For the first time ever, I understood the value of disinformation. Of course, I’ve never practiced it since then. We Republicans seek a government that attends to its inherent responsibilities, encouraging a free and a competitive economy, and enforcing law and order. [crowd cheering] [Stone] My first Republican National Convention was . I was years old. The woman who lived next door to me, she gave me a copy of a book, The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater. And I devoured this book in, you know, a day. It was at that moment that I knew what I wanted to do. I no longer wanted to be an actor. I now wanted to be in politics. Little did I know how similar they are. I became a zealot. I had a Goldwater sticker on my bicycle. I wore Goldwater buttons. I wore a Goldwater button two weeks after the election was over. That’s how defiant I was. [Ann] I met Roger in college. He was really a total prodigy, in terms of his political ability. He was talking grown men back home into running for office, electing them. And then we would sit in our dorm room and they would call Roger for political advice as to how they should vote on key issues. His mother once said, “You’re not a Catholic. Your religion is the Republican Party and your god is Richard Nixon.” Bart Porter asked him, you know, if he’d be interested in coming to the Nixon campaign, so Roger took time off of school to go join the campaign. [reporter] This is central headquarters for the Re-Elect Nixon Campaign. The White House. But for the sake of appearances, the Re-Elect Nixon headquarters, in name, is one block up Pennsylvania Avenue. [Stone] The Committee to Re-Elect the President was unlike any campaign that I’d been in. It didn’t look like your typical political headquarters. It had a very hushed, corporate quality to it. Porter called me into his office and said, “We want you to go to New Hampshire,” and we want you to give this contribution to Pete McCloskey, who’s running for the Republican nomination, challenging Nixon from the left, “in the name of the Young Socialist Alliance.” I got an enormous mason jar, filled it with pennies and nickels and dimes and quarters. I brought it to the McCloskey headquarters. I said, “Hi, I’m from the Young Socialist Alliance.” I wanna donate this, and I need a receipt.” They were so dumb, they gave me one. The idea was to give the receipt to the Manchester Union Leader, the largest newspaper in New Hampshire, as a way of discrediting McCloskey. A perfect example