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you know, this war Games I know this war. -You know Games -Yeah, but tonight’s a party Games Communiqu? from your Consul. Just now. He says, “Do you have someone for me yet?” He wants to make an example of someone. He doesn’t care who. No. He does. You know I suppose I actually should thank you. I really liked writing that article. I liked it a lot. I need to get back to that sort of writing, and I will. But perhaps not in Spain. Are you leaving? Of course you are. Teresa. We both want the same thing, Henry. The problem is, one of us is not free. Teresa. Teresa. It’s late. There’s a foreign delegation coming tomorrow. I’m sorry, Vasyl, but tomorrow is tomorrow. Welcome to my hiding place. This place reminds me of why I do what I do. Here, we preserve art and beauty from the war. This place is so emotional for me. Wait. -I can’t. -Yes, you can. Please. Come with me to Paris. Good morning, everybody. Carmen. Do you think I can get a line to New York, please? Okay. Hold it! Don’t move! Hands up! Your attention. An official stamp belonging to the censor’s office has been stolen. All shipment of articles will be suspended until it is recovered. Search this room. What? Why? -Do you know something? -No. Hey, what are you doing? This is your coat, Mr. Howell? APPROVED Who is the owner of this coat? Who? It’s mine. Look at the other pocket. It’s my lipstick. What are you doing? The pin on the lapel, it’s also mine. You know that’s my coat, Mikiavich. You know it’s mine. -Teresa Games -I can handle it. I’ll be all right. You come with me. No. Where are you taking her? You’re wrong. This is not a game, Teresa. Do you understand? Do you understand? The sacrifices we’ve made in Spain, the savings on ammunition and fuel have not been in vain. Blitzkrieg They’ve been talking about it in Berlin for months. A three-day air raid carried out in just one afternoon. As fast as lightning. We’ve received orders to put it into practice during our attack today. Therefore, gentlemen Games enjoy your flight Games to Gernika. Where is Teresa?