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to manipulate Kim Woo-Jin I am not his comrade or friend I am innocent This Japanese dog You will go to hell, dog’s legs Can’t wait to kill you Hey Lee Jung-Chool One month later Hey Mr Dumb Yun Gye-Soon just passed away this morning Why is it so small It’s that beautiful prisoner From China, no one knows her, and no family Can’t find a right place to bury her, can’t throw away either There is no time, excuse me, excuse me You have not eaten at all? Do you have no appetite? Are you going out? Where is Minister Higashi? There is an evening dinner tonight The police club is having a Kendo’s night event Who is going to the party? The Japanese government officials, high ranks from the police force, governors It’s a Japanese party Brother Brother Help me take care of the explosive I will draw them away, so you can hide those explosives You are a mad and crazy man, until the very end still making deals with me Even if you are captured, never disclose You should never say you are a member of Heroic Corps until you are dead We need at least one survivor So that our plan will have hope So that we are not sacrificing for nothing Thank you, if it is not for you, we would not have come this far Kill him, kill him Hey Everyone, Minister Higashi is here Cheers Let’s go Officer, officer Is the rumour true? quiet, quiet Hey Hey, Mr Dumb Have you heard? There was a huge explosion at the Japan’s club Many casualties and many people wounded I heard it was a big mess, it’s like man’s hell And I’ve heard the Heroic Corps explosive from Shanghai They have not found even half of it This is the scariest part ok, it’s better than confiscated by the Japanese But here is the issue, it will be trouble if others know I am funding the army You have to promise me, to keep this a secret before the independence Do you think we will have independence, sir? We have people like you, independence is a matter of time Sir how much is this worth? I will say, these badges in Gyeongseong is way more than the dogs on the streets Please tell me, how much do you need?