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Magnificent? What more can Paris do? Invent a dress that makes a woman look years younger. Don’t look at me with that sour face, Bestujhev! But why don’t you say something gay? Whatever I say in these last few weeks seems to annoy Your Majesty. Oh? Go to the church and wait for me, Bestujhev. Insupportable. I’ll send him to Siberia. Shuvalov. How is that, Shuvalov? Your Majesty looks like the bride. Chuckles No, Shuvalov. But I feel like the bride. Who said this frock was bad? Oh, it’s charming, charming, madame. I think this needs to be a little shorter. Yes, Your Majesty. A bit longer on the side there. How do I look? Sighs Perfection, Your Highness. Good. Congratulations to both of you. Comment? Both? Hmm. Yourself and the princess. She hooked me and landed me, and you’re dishing me up with all the trimmings. If I may say so, Your Highness has found a very clever wife. Possibly. She caught me quite by accident. As a matter of fact, she didn’t know me from Adam. Perhaps she had a whisper from Eve? Meaning what? Oh, as Your Highness knows, women have a je ne sais quoi uh, an instinct. Chuckling Oh. No. Ah? No. Did she though? Did she know all the time? Oh, mon Dieu, Your Highness! Such an idea never entered my head. No. But it entered hers! What was it she said? “I I don’t care about governing Russia. All I care about is the grand duke.” Dirty little cheat. And you think that’s clever, do you? No, no, no. Yes, you do! You just said so! I’ll show you if it’s clever or not. Bells Continue I’ll teach her to trap me. What will the grand duke wear? The uniform of his regiment. Oh, he’ll look wonderful. So strong and slender. I will look so little at his side. Oh, can’t you do something to make me look a little taller? Perhaps this will help. Oh, yes, the shoes. Of course you can’t change my face. No dignity. Well met. Chattering I’ve just been thinking about you. You fiatter me. What are you doing here? I just wanted to see you happily married. I hear she’s very clever. Oh, yes, very clever. When can I see you alone?