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Two weeks. Wow. Well, welcome. You guys picked the coolest area in Los Angeles. Yeah? Yeah. Absolutely. You know, we heard that this is where the younger people with kids were living. This park’s ing fantastic. Uh-huh. You’ve got two oyster bars. One of which is the shit. That’s great. Shops games My wife and I moved here about two years ago. We love it. Wow. Cool. Awesome. That’s great. Wow. Max has really taken a shine to your boy. He’s very discerning, doesn’t make friends easily. RJ is actually the same way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Really? Where’s he going to school in the fall? Um games Have you guys taken your tours yet? Tours? Touring the schools? Yeah. Go around, look at them. Okay. Well, I get a little bit crazy about that stuff. Yeah, another games It’s all coming up. Just as long as you get your applications in early, you’ll be fine. If you need a letter of recommendation, I’m sort of the mayor of this area, so I can absolutely help you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Cool. Well games Emelia. Ah. Ooh. Alexander. All right. So cool, you guys. This is so cool. Welcome. Yeah. Great. Great. Great people. All right. All right. See you. Bye. See you. You know, we have more to discuss. Tonight is our regular pizza night. We could turn it into a “welcome to the neighborhood” get-together. I can give you the one on one on the schools in the area and games It could be fun. Huh. I’m just throwing it out there. Uh, yeah, I mean, that’s really nice, but you shouldn’t feel obligated. Obligated-shmobligated. No. Our boys seem to love each other and we love making new friends. It’s not an obligation. It’s fun games You know, yes. Yeah. I games That actually sounds like a lot of fun, right? Yeah. Sure. And Alex was just talking this morning about wanting to make new friends. Get out of here. Mm-hmm. Great. Well, why don’t you come over at like :, 😕 We’re at Cameron Court. Done. Thank you. Awesome. Awesome. Great. That’s really nice. See you there. And listen, do not bring anything. Just bring yourselves. We have everything covered, okay?