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a sma group of genetica y unmodifi individua s estab ish the Bureau of Genetic We fare here, at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Our mission is to oversee a grand experiment to purify the human genome. That experiment is the city of Chicago. Your participation in the Bureau’s work means you are now the guardians of the future. Your destiny begins today. Now, p ease fo ow me. What’s an airport? ife in the Bureau can be demanding, but the work is worth every sacrifice. GIR : It’s them! We don’t have a the resources we wou d ike, of course, but I think you’ find your accommodations more than adequate. KID Whoa! KID They’re in person here! Who are they? We bring them in from the Fringe, get them hea thy, give them a second chance. GIR S: Hi, Four. Hi, Four. Hey. How do they know who we are? The experiment is the entire focus of the Bureau. Our survei ance techno ogy is centuries ahead of anything you’ve known in Chicago. They’ve grown up watching you. Nothing creepy about that. [CHUCK ES] You have to forgive everyone for staring, but your arriva is the most exciting event some of us have ever known. We come to your new home. Where’s Four? Did you hurt him? I to d you I want them unharmed. He went with them. Wi ing y. But he’s a ive? Do you hear what I’m saying? He betray you. No. It’s just ove. He’s your son. He shou d be oya. I’m oya. Yes, you are. So rest up. I ne you ready to fight. [A MURMURING INDISTINCT Y] What do you think? I think they’ve been studying us for years and we ne to catch up. We’re gonna give it a chance, right? Yeah. ‘Course we are. I wish we were a one. [CHUCK ES] [MATTHEW C EARING HIS THROAT] Excuse me. The director’s ready to see you. Yeah, er, sorry, I meant Tris, a one. We can’t go together? Since you were the one who open the box which invit you here, the director wou d ike to thank you persona y. I’ see you ater. C othes. Thanks. This way. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [BEEPING] Go ahead. Put your wrist under the scanner. [BEEPING] COMPUTER: Access granted. [BEEPING] Pure. [CHUCK ES] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS]