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But you ain’t the papers. You’re the pictures. Can I ask the lady something? Can Lily ask you something? Yes. Have you ever met Robert Donat? The famous actor? No, no. No, I haven’t, I’m afraid. Dad! Come quick. Would you like to see the kitchen? It’s not him. It’s all right, Lil. He don’t like strangers, see? He don’t like a lot of things. And you took his boat without asking? Weren’t you scared? One of the soldiers had this kit bag, and suddenly it woofed, and it give us such a fright. It was a dog. And one of them Frenchies tried to kiss Lil. No, I meant scared of what your dad might do. No. He got himself a bottle. We thought we’d be back before he woke up. Besides, Eric was in Dunkirk. Eric? Dad’s first mate. He got us photographs for our birthday. We’ve got the same birthday. Robert Donat in The Steps Games and John Clements in The Four Feathers. Have you ever met John Clements? No, I haven’t. Those ones are Mum’s. We don’t know who he is. Well, I did meet– Is it going to be a film? Probably not. Stupid bloody engine, eh? What harm can one little drink do? My dad will throttle me if I’m late. Well, how about a kiss, then? No, thank you. Come on! I could be back in action tomorrow. Shelterers to the left hand side. Bona fide passengers, come on! Bona fide passengers, to the right. Catrin? I got caught in the raid. I ended up in the Baker Street shelter. I didn’t know where you were. I didn’t know if you were safe. I never know if you’re safe. God, look at you. I’ll be all right after a cup of tea. The raid ruptured the mains. Now, Catrin, I– I want you to go back to Ebbw Vale. Ellis Games It’s the biggest steelworks in Europe. I’m more likely to get bombed there than here. It’s not just the bombing. I can’t afford for us to live here anymore. I can’t afford for us to live anywhere. But I earn. If I were on my own, I could doss down in Perry’s studio. I could keep painting. But you don’t have to keep me. I earn. Your wage assumes a husband who can put a roof over your head. Please don’t turn me into one of those things that make it harder