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My God, constantly she’s inventing such stories. Then I let here alone in the room and talking to herself. Please do not interrupt me. I didn’t finish. By the way … I have a photo of the boy. Taken on Blue Lake. You remember the lake? Please do me all a favor. Lets make a group photo. Dmitrij, get the camera. Alexander. We take a picture. Stand up. Come over. Come forth. Irina, come here to me. Thank goodness you’re here. I so fed up by these people, they desert me. Why are you so dressed up today? Oh, Alex … My diamond ring is still gone. Apparently they have not seen it. I do not believe them. Look here. Help me, dressing. I hide it again then. Really, they are so… You get the idea. All pay attention. Datchi, we’ll be late. Why did you never mentioned the friendship with this family? Regardless, that’s past. Then tell from the holiday in the mountains. Goods Andrej and I disappeared? Dmitrij, as I said: That invented a woman, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. But we have those summer spent together, yes. That’s you … and that’s Andrej. Excuse me, David is there? Yes. Could you give him this? Yes. Come in. No thanks. I have to thank. Help! You now shut up! Chill out. off. The will never die. Never. They are all immortal. Where do you live? Come on, I’ll take you home. No. In earnest. No thanks. I live there. He’s drunk again. I saw it coming. You should listen. He is a good man. How do you look? Have you beaten up again? They are a plague. Elimate them. Come in. Did he beat somebody? I go to bed. You’re welcome. No thanks. At a tea. It’s already late. Hello. I am David. Very pleasant. Did you get the documents? No, which? However, I have. You ought to give them to me personally. Yes but… If you want to work here, you have to comply with the protocol. You had order, to give them personally to me. Right? Yes. Who have you given them? Not me. I thought that was your wife. Exactly. But in the future … When something happens: You know where my office is. Goodbye. So much money for shoes, in which I hardly fit.