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Do you hear me? Yo can go to hell! For one thing Games Games second, you’re riding in my car. You can go to hell Games Yes, this interrogation concerns the charges brought against you today. According to Mr. Hedqvist, you were a bit rowdy and violent earlier. Do you want to tell me what happened- so I can get a better view of what happened? Well, I was walking down Fjällgatan, and met this guy, to whom I tried to explain- the complexity of the society we live in today. Yes? Games and how Man could evolve- in the future, and I gave some interesting historical views. And he wouldn’t listen to me. He blew me off. Yes? And maybe he shouldn’t have Games So he got into his car and wanted to leave- well, in MYcar as it turns out Games Mhm. So I was pissed off Games Sorry, did you say YOUR car? Sure. Really? Why? You got the impression that it was your car? Is it your car? Yes, in a way, because- well, it’s certainly not his. It’s a production result of my social class. And you have the registration papers? No, but that’s not Games You have the tax receipt? I can prove that car is an act of robbery. I might as well accuse him, his crime is much worse than mine. That is a different story. Let’s concentrate on this one, right? So that’s that. Do you admit or deny this incident? I admit that I punched him for riding around in my car. The reason I punched him is that he was riding around in my car. “Mr. Nilsen admits to- being guilty of assault and battery. ” That’s that. I’d love to Games Yes, so did I Games Yeah, I’d love to Games What are we gonna do, then? You think so? Games Really? Games What? Yes Games What? Games You’ll come pick me up at six? Games Ok, bye! Dear child. Calmly now,who is God? That’s the guy up in heaven. That is correct. Now, I shall ask you;Who is the Holy Spirit? Well, that’s the guy who’s with him. That’s right. In popular speech you can say that the Holy Spirit is God’s ‘pal’. Then I will also ask Games Can you laugh during confirmation? Hush! I’ll carry on now. I’ll say this: