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will actually be holding the interviews? Well, of course, there technically is no job. Well, you put that ad up online, ‘Music teacher’, Experience preferred’. I’ll be honest with you, Jackie. Mr. Kooper was kinda hoping we could get into an intern-type situation games someone who just got their degree from University State games and is looking to pick up hours toward their certification. Okay. Of course, we do have some subbing coming up. That’d be great. We got a lady choir teacher, third pregnancy in four years. I am like, “Honey, shut the damn bedroom door,” you know? Right, well, I’m gonna leave my resume with you, Darlene games because I’d be thrilled to subbing or if you get the money for a position games You know, I just have to ask you one more question. When you had the album out, which I loved, by the way games I used to listen to it all the time when I’d take my Sunday afternoon lady baths. Okay, thank you. So, on tour and stuff, did you used to ride around in limos? Every now and then, sure. Is it true that they have free candy cups in the back? Someone told me about free candy cups, M&Ms and Reese’s games and stuff, and you can eat what you want for free. It depended on the limo. Oh, wow, you must have been so proud. It was just pop song stuff. Well, that’s not nothin’. Actually, it is, Darlene. Okay. How’d it go? You drive. I should be in charge of nothing. What happened? So, there’s something wrong with her card. Uh, why don’t you go ahead and try it again. And his attorney will be on the call, too. Yeah, well, we can discuss that in mediation, right? Isn’t that what mediation is for? Hey, Jackie? Says declined, I don’t know what that means. It means my soon-to-be-ex-husband is an asshole. Thank you. All right, minutes? I can do that, yeah. Listen, uh, I’ve got this, uh games Conference call, is it here in town? Yeah. You want me to drive? ‘Cause I said I’d fix the roof and I’d like to do it. What guy in Portland, Georgie? Oh, oh, he works at a recording studio, as what? He games he said that?