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Hrithik and Deepika met each other in a College. She then said, my village gave me a lot and that she would get fat if not returned back. That line impressed our hero a lot. With that he is into the madness of agriculture. When their love was wet like that Deepika suddenly left to her village. Our hero became dull with that and went to their village in an Atlas cycle. Director sir, now opening in that village… All the bad luck on high was seen on his face. There, a guy like Boman Irani with a harsh voice explains situation of village in crying. Hrithik reacts to that and adopts that village. See now.. Colors and beautification goes on in that village… Then a beautiful montage song as cheques being written coming from Anil Kapoor, I would just sing for a feel,Ok, sing. Keep it if you like Okay Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…Get going, oh Wealthy Man It is good like the curd rice, right director sir? It is like your dirty face bloody What happened sir? What I need is not curd rice, but Dum Biryani Still, what is in the story you said? What is hero giving cheques of his father? Added what is he going so far in a cycle from city?When would he reach? What is that heroine?She should go to gym if she feels to go fat? Should she go back there again? Any hero doesn’t this story and even if someone does, it becomes a disaster. Super star Mahesh Babu did and it was a block buster. That is his judgment. What man? He said you the story of Srimanthuduas you will not watch films See, if you want to. Even this is the same. Go forth, oh Wealthy Man…Get going, oh Wealthy Man What bloody Chokka? Promise on God director sir. Story I wrote for my first direction. If required, we will file a case on the producer of Srimanthudu. No use either you file a case or a case of drinks sir. Stories does not come if comforts go high sir. We should go hungry and move in the public sir. We meet characters and get stories only then sir. Shut up.. you bloody beggar. Should we go hungry and move in the public now? We should Director sir What he said is correct We need to go to the audience to catch their pulse Correct sir We need to go in busses and eat in the bus stand. Hey Praneeth Sir Ask all our guys to pack up and come to Garudahalli We will go in bus Okay sir. Ok director sir, we shall meet there. Hey ChokkaSir Pants will go torn It already is torn sir Stop, Stop.please stop. Director sir will get in. Hold on Hey wait man.. Have you seen the respect Director Sir? We did not believe when Karnataka distributor said about our craze. We are now directly seeing. The movies we did are so. It looks like a standing ovation. Move on, come on Slowly man Hey, get in first. Come on. See your craze. Go bloody! Not stories but diseases come if we go in this bus. No way, we have to bear. Brother, our Director Sir has no ventilation. You please come here and we will come there. Die if you have no ventilation. What is this without any respect? We are in this bus on a purpose. You look good for looks right?Why did you get into this red bus? Some drunkard threw a bottle and my car met with accident