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You’re up? Yeah. You got a loop in one of those velvet board things? All right, let’s see what we got here. Hey! Hey! No, you can’t do that here. Sir, I’m just playing a song. Come on, go now, before I call the police. Go! All right. Come on! Come on, come on, come on. Go! Git! Git! Why don’t you calm down! Huh? I’m picking up my guitar and then I’m walking away, all right? I will call the police. Only a lawyer can afford a goddamn family day. How’d you know where to find me? You said you bought from your Dad. Senior year we TP’d your house. That was you guys? Couldn’t be helped, dude. Do you know how every girl on the cheer team had a crush on you? They wanted to know where Matt Ridenour lived. Yeah, hey, you want some hot chocolate or something? Cheryl just put some on. How much you need, Matt? Of what? To put you on retainer. I’ve got about seven or eight thousand, is that enough? Listen, uh, Wes’s guy is huge. We’re talking major New York divorces. I know, he’s an old family friend of Wes’s. He went to my damn wedding. What’s that mean? Lotta hours. Lotta, lotta hours. What’s that mean, Matt? You know, my partners, well, they’ll kill me if I make it any less. I mean, the firm’s gonna need a retainer of at least $,. Okay games okay. I’ll call you. Answer your damn phone this time. Jackie, what are you gonna do? Answer your damn phone! Jackie! Lia! Hey, Mom, whatcha doin’ here? You gotta second, honey? Yeah games Actually Ms. Laurel, the girls and I were just about to head games over to the nature center apiary. How about we do one more round, huh? On me. Awesome! Cool. So we’d never go back to New York? I’m not movin’ forward with this unless you’re okay with it. You know that. We’re a team, you and me. Did you like growing up here? Hated it. Couldn’t wait to get the hell out. That’s great. Just great. Until I left. Then I liked it. I liked bein’ from here. It’s a good place to be from. What do you say? You wanna be from here, too? Thanks. Thank you. Hello? Hi, Virginia? Hey, hey, hey, did Cowboy call?