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Our life is our war Together we make a big force Long live Mazhilmadhi Long live Mazhilmadhi Golden statue, the kingdom, crown in my head, king’s role I thought these are my happiness But it is not My happiness is on this iron chain which took Devasena to hell this iron chain… When I dont see her in this chain I am getting irriated I want Devasena Gathering all people, Katappa is coming to attack us. Katappa? This slave dog katappa, why is he making problem Badra, whoever saw you getting killed I will behead all those people and keep their head together Will keep your head on top of them And make thousand family screaming as a happy prayer for you. and finish your final rituals Prepare for war Attack… You lived with your son just months only but with me you lived for years after he came again today, why did you leave me, Devasena? Blow the horns Release the arrows Patience Mahendra, patience He took my mother, I can’t be patience I don’t care if I die… let me go. Your mother was waiting not for you to die For him to die Are you the son of the great warrior Amarendra Bahubali? think like your father. think like Bahubali Find out where to open the gate? What are you doing katappa? For so long your ancestors were loyal to king.. and build a great trust but you destroyed all their good names and now you are breaking the promise? Don’t it katappa, Rectify your mistake Like how you killed Bahubali, kill his son the same way now Go kattappa, kill him years ago, mother queen declared him as our king. Thinking he is dead, l was serving the wrong people Today our truth has come back. Kattappa never break his promise. Ballal Dev’s army is inside the palace, We need to open the gates Get me a hammer, grandfather Fire up the pot, avantika Take out the spear, grand father Start walking mother, before you finish rounds I will keep him ready in this place Before you finish, I will give your son’s head on your hand. Fire path! If she complete it they good luck will be with them Do something… make Devasena cannot complete the walking Before she cross the temple, Burn that bridge down You broke my head? << Subtitle by Vinsebby >> l thought you are dead, but after seeing you came back. I was very happy, I can’t express my happiness in words Ofcourse I killed you that day but l had a feeling I can’t kill you on my hands which didn’t leave me to live happily Now you came looking same like him Giving me an opportunity to kill you again And see how I pull your heart apart from your body How do I thank you for that Amarendra Bahubali Mahendra… come with me, come with me Let’s die together Mother queen sivagami as a witness its my first promise Evey person who follows justice, honestly and good intention will live respecfully… He’s had some people that I said, “What are you doing with these people?” But, you know… But he loves it and he loves the game. He has fun with it, and he’s very good at it. [Jeffrey Toobin] In many respects, Roger Stone created Donald Trump as a political figure. There is no doubt that in tone, in affect,